Mantis Mechanisms

Keeping a praying mantis… as a pet? Yes, it’s completely normal, provided you know how to properly care for the little guy! They look ready to karate chop you at a moment’s notice, but they’re actually docile, neat pets to keep. Here are the things you will need in order to take good care of… Continue reading Mantis Mechanisms


Rabbit Rules

Rabbits, while they are cute, fluffy, and playful, are not the perfect gift to give your child for Easter. They entail a lot of responsibility, and they are expensive! They require lots of time and attention, and believe me when I say you do not want to leave these guys alone in a room. If… Continue reading Rabbit Rules


Snake Specifics

Snakes: many people fear them, but they still manage to be some of the most fascinating creatures on the planet. Their movements are beautifully coordinated and fluent, and, unfortunately, their actions are often misinterpreted as dangerous, defensive, or threatening when they’re really just being themselves! And speaking of being oneself, the first step to being… Continue reading Snake Specifics


Cricket Credibilities

Whoa! Crickets as pets? Some people do it, but I'm not about that life. Why am I making this post, then? Well, because... they're also food. Yup, this post is about keeping live food. Keeping crickets isn’t completely necessary, but since most of the reptiles that eat them eat about every other day, why not just… Continue reading Cricket Credibilities


Leopard Gecko Guide

While having a pet is a lot of fun, it is important to remember that they are a huge responsibility. Owning a pet of any sort is hard work, really, as they require lots of attention, love, care, and in some cases, money. Leopard geckos, in my opinion, are the best reptiles for beginner reptile… Continue reading Leopard Gecko Guide