Rabbit Rules

Rabbits, while they are cute, fluffy, and playful, are not the perfect gift to give your child for Easter. They entail a lot of responsibility, and they are expensive! They require lots of time and attention, and believe me when I say you do not want to leave these guys alone in a room. If you do, say goodbye to your favorite pair of shoes– these guys are chewers! But before I get into how mischievous bunnies are by nature, here are the basic supplies you will need to house a rabbit:

  • cage
  • rabbit shavings
  • playpen
  • food dish
  • water bottle
  • timothy hay
  • hay holder
  • rabbit pellets
  • rabbit carrier
  • litter box
  • toys

First and foremost, a rabbit is not a pet that you can keep isolated in a cage– they need to be involved in the family, just like you! If you must put your bunny in a cage, make sure the cage is large enough for them to hop around in. They need their exercise! This cage can be long, or it can have multiple stories. Whatever you do, make sure the cage is metal instead of something they can easily chew through, and make sure the material is safe! If you house your bunny in a cage, you need to have a playpen available for your bunny to play in. Like I said before, they need a lot of space.

Another housing option is to have a room specifically for your bunny. This room must be completely rabbit-proof– that means no carpets with long fibers, no chipping paint on walls, and nothing else potentially harmful to your bunny (toxic plants, dangerous spaces, or other animals). This site can tell you how to effectively keep your bunny safe.

A food dish and a water bottle are standard for any animal, but a bunny’s diet is a little more complicated than most. They need a hard food that will file their teeth: rabbit pellets. These pellets need to be purchased fresh, and they shouldn’t contain any corn product! Additionally, you will need to purchase timothy hay and a hay holder. The hay holder should not be placed near the food– in fact, I would place the hay on the opposite end near the litter box in order to encourage your bunny to become litter trained. The hay, like the pellets, is an important part of a bunny’s daily diet, but you still need to limit how much your bunny eats. This site can tell you more about what types of food and snacks are food for your bunny.

A litter box is important for your bunny to use the bathroom! Do not fill the entire cage with shavings. Instead, put the shavings only in the litter box– this will encourage your bunny to use the bathroom in one spot, which will come in handy if you’re letting them roam your house. You also don’t want your bunny to sleep where he or she uses the bathroom. Now, the shavings should not be a rough wood-based substance. Like many of my other blog posts, I will dress up the use of aspen shavings. They are soft, non-toxic, and they will not irritate your bunny’s sensitive skin. You may also consider using the Carefresh brand of shavings– it is made of recycled paper, and it is completely safe for your bunny.

A rabbit carrier is important to transport your rabbit– like a dog or a cat, they require frequent veterinary checkups. The carrier should not be too small! Your bunny needs adequate space to move around so they don’t feel claustrophobic.

Finally, your bunny loves to play! This site can give you many ideas on what types of toys are fun your for pet, but it’s also good to remember that the best fun a bunny can have is with you!

As a parting word, it is important to remember that bunnies are complicated creatures, and their needs go beyond where they sleep and what they eat. Bunnies require a high degree of grooming, including brushing and nail-clipping, and companionship. This site can tell you everything you need to know about bunny behavior, grooming needs, and much more.



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