Cricket Credibilities

Whoa! Crickets as pets? Some people do it, but I’m not about that life. Why am I making this post, then? Well, because… they’re also food. Yup, this post is about keeping live food.

Keeping crickets isn’t completely necessary, but since most of the reptiles that eat them eat about every other day, why not just give the little guys a place to call home? Yeah, they’re kind of creepy, and, you know, they’re food, but that doesn’t mean you have to treat them that way. They still deserve respect. Here are the basics you will need to temporarily care for crickets:

  • 10 gallon tank
  • A mesh wire lid
  • A hiding spot
  • Small container lids
  • A sponge
  • Food

The first rule for having any pet is that it needs a place to stay. Crickets are usually bought by the dozen, so you need a tank big enough to house them. A 10 gallon tank is the perfect size– it’s spacious enough for the crickets to live happily. Also, if you’re creeped out by them like I am, there’s plenty of space to move your hands to avoid touching them. The tank should be covered by a mesh wire lid. This will make sure the crickets cannot jump out, as well as provide them with the necessary airflow.

Crickets like the dark. They run away from light, and they like to hide under things. I suggest giving them some false plants to hide in, but when you buy crickets from the pet store, they often come with a small piece of an egg carton. This will suffice as well.

Now to set up their food and water stations. The purpose of the container lid is to hold the food and water. Don’t throw away your sour cream lids, or something similar in size. Place the lids on opposite sides of the tank– one will be for water and the other will be for food. Here’s the thing, though: you can’t give them a water bowl because they will drown. Instead, wet a sponge and place it on the lid. That way, the crickets can safely get water. As for food, put some dry cat food in a blender until it’s almost in a powder form– make sure the pieces are small enough for them to eat!

If you feel like giving the guys a little treat, cut off a small piece of potato and place it near the food. It’s a good snack, but it should not be used as a main source of food. Be sure to remove the potato after a day or so– otherwise, it will rot in the tank.

Please note that this is not for long-term cricket care. A dozen of crickets will last for approximately a week (depending on how many crickets you feed your gecko at a time. I recommend 2 or 3.) This is a cost-effective way to properly care for crickets in the short-term. If you want to keep crickets as pets, consider checking out this site


Lastly, do not forget to keep the crickets supplied with food and water. Check on them daily! Don’t let them die of dehydration and starvation– they may be food, but they still matter. Even the smallest lives carry the utmost importance.


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